A PICO-8 game in about 530 characters or something like that.

PLOT: There are enemies attacking you but there is nothing you can do, even your weapon is useless. It is a metaphor for the vanity of life.

Controls: left/right arrows to move, X to shoot.

Features:  there is music! there are sound effects! your spaceship lights its thrusters! Honestly, at that point I thought actual gameplay was not strictly necessary.

Source code:

p(a-65,k)p(a,12)p(a+68,1)p(a+137,2048.1)for x=21,3,-2 do p(a+x,(k-x)*2)p(a+68+x,18904+120%x)end
sfx(3)b={}z=58w=0t={-1,1}for i=1,o do b[-i]=add(b,-1)end::_::flip()cls()w+=1q=w%o
d=flr(t[btn()%4%3])z=mid(0,z+2*d,112)sfx(d%2,2)b[w/k]=18+rnd(74)for x=1,o do
?" โ—",b[-x],b[x],7
n=flr(b[x/k])if n>x%16*o then r=w-x
?" ๐Ÿฑ",q,r%o,11
end end
?" โ—\nโ—†โ—†",z,112,d%2*10
?" โ˜…\n์›ƒ์›ƒ",z,110,14
?" โŽ",z,113
goto _


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Ha, I wouldn't have noticed the character combination for your ship without seeing Tom's comment! Impressive that you got some music into this, it's the first entry I've tried with sound!

nice work. i like how you combined characters to create the ship. and the existential message in lieu of trying to add collision detection XD

lol I concur with these statements

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Half the screen is cut off (You should set the display to 640x640).

Thanks! I think I managed to fix that properly.